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Automated paydays India review

Automated paydays India review

Automated paydays India Ads. all over the internet

If  you have come across Automated paydays India advertisement on YouTube, facebook or other sites, I guess it has intrigued you if you can really make money from home. I was inquisitive regarding its legitimacy and to my suspicion. Automated paydays India turned out to be similar to Home Career Journal . However, there are some differences which make Automated pay days different from the Home Career Journal scam.

Automated Paydays India Website looks like a News Website

The Automated Paydays India website mimics the layout and look of a typical news website. You will come across a video stating how people make full time income from home in India by work from home jobs (no reference is made to Automated paydays India). These layout and looks are so deceptive that people take it for granted that the whole thing is a news website and hence reliable to purchase a product from it.

Website eavesdrops to identify your location

Similar to Home Career Journal, a typical feature of Automated paydays India is that you will have a reference of a person in your city or area who earns money working from home using Automated Paydays India. The website is programmed to locate your area based on your IP address and project the advertisement with name of your city / location.

On the website you will find that the owner has posted logos of famous media companies including Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and some news channels as well. But if you read its footnote you will find that the site has no affiliation with the said companies.

 Automated paydays India Refund Policy


I wanted to know if the company pays its customers the refund they promised. But to my surprise the server was not found and the link was invalid. This nudged me to inquire further regarding Automated Paydays India. I went through the earnings disclaimer and found a link at the bottom of the page to which is different from This changed the entire understaning of the whole scam. is a vendor providing affiliate training programs and pays affiliates affiliate commissions in the US (and is genuine). Some smart guy has developed a website by the name (which is a fake site) and has advertised it over the internet causing loads of people to go and sign up for the training program. However, people don’t receive what they expect. As many people don’t know how to do affiliate marketing. And its much different than doing online jobs.

Each time a person sings up the website developer (affiliate) gets a cut of his commission. Thus fooling people into a bogus case of internet scam. As far as is concerned its website seems to look fine and so does the product, but why should one take a chance.

Alternatively to do online jobs I would recommend you try out legit online jobs and to learn affiliate marketing you can try out affiliate blueprint. Both are effective means of making a full time income online. Provided you put in the desired efforts.

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  1. shrikant January 4, 2014 at 4:26 PM -

    hi sir my name is shrikant what is the process of creating account on automatd payed days that meance there is any other process other than credit card to make payment

    • mariorafols January 6, 2014 at 1:24 AM -

      Dear Shrikant, Since Automated Pay Days provides online jobs, they only register candidates through online credit card payments.
      You can borrow a credit card from a friend or colleague to register yourself and pay them.
      You can Register Yourself Here.(

      • Chandrasekar January 29, 2014 at 6:21 PM -

        Dear Shrikant,
        How it is works in automatedpaydays in india, so please explain briefly.How much is the subscribe charge. Tell me any working experience is required or not. I have a internet & laptop with browsing knowledge. Kindly send me the details etc., Call me 08220049408

        • mariorafols January 30, 2014 at 11:10 PM -

          Dear Chandrasekar,
          Thanks for your comment. If you would want to earn money from the real Automated paydays you can check this link ( The charges are mentioned on the website. If you can use a laptop and know to browse you can make money using automatedpaydays.



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